July 30, 2017


This is the easiest way to take grocery store-bought flowers, and palms cut from your yard (or any yard found greenery), and turn them into a floral arrangement for your home or to gift!
Follow these simple steps.

Love, Your Home BFF, Alexandra


June 25, 2017

Celebrate Life! Our 50th Birthday Bash, Las Vegas Style!

You had to know I was going to do a blog post about our 50th Birthday celebration in Las Vegas! Here are the deets;-) Troy and Alexandra turn 50! We are both June babies! Wanted to do the Birthday celebration right – Las Vegas Style, with friends. We stayed at the Wynn Las Vegas.  Highly recommend staying in their Wynn Tower Salon Suite! Dine in their SW Steakhouse.  Book early! We enjoyed the very best Birthday cake EVER! A must-see show at the Wynn is LeReve’, their water show similar to O. Be sure to plan a Spa Day (morning or afternoon) and a day by the pool in your own Cabana! Whatever you decide to do, GO BIG or go home! DO IT RIGHT!  MAIL INVITATIONS! and by all means, CELEBRATE!!! Celebrate Life! Love, Your Home BFF!

May 1, 2017

Bittersweet Vintage Spring Linens

To know me is to know I practically come out of my skin over vintage linens. My friend and neighbor, Sue, knows me well. A couple months ago, Sue gave me a mountain of vintage linens from her mother in law’s home. Bittersweet :-(. Sue’s sweet mother in law, Mary, had just passed. She was widowed two years prior and had lived in her home for 50+ years. Sue knew I would cherish and appreciate the gift. Boy did I ever! Mary, you are in heaven now, but I will take great care of your linens as they enjoy the next 50 years in my home. I just had to share. FYI- I needed to wash my treasure about a dozen times. Needed to use Oxi Clean several times. Used Rit dye to achieve Robins Egg Blue and Baby Pink. #yourhomebff


January 22, 2017

#CleanStart! A Better Way To Clean Your Floors

As Your Home BFF, my New Year wish for you is a #CleanStart – bringing you products that are Easier/Faster/SMARTER! How about we start from the bottom up? How would you like to find a better way to clean your floors – in an easier, faster, smarter way. I have found it! Start with Neato Botvac Connected is BY FAR the WINNER! Why? Neoto delivers THE LASTEST, MOST POWERFUL floor cleaning technology. Finishing the floor cleaning job 4x’s faster than other vacuum robots. With Neato cleaning for you, it’s one less thing you have to do!

You could say the Bakers are a little clean floor obsessed. I have a blog, Home with Alexandra, so my home is often on-display. We have white, slightly veined, high-gloss tile floors throughout most of the house, plus laminates, epoxy floors in the garage and berber carpeting in the bedrooms. I have constantly shedding long black hair and a white, often shedding, bunny. Our Neato, aka Cucumber2 after Cucumber, our Bunny cleans it all!

Can I ask you a question? Do you feel like you do so much?!! Find yourself plum worn-out?!!  Do you wash your clothes on a washboard or do you use a washing machine?  Do you wash your dishes – not the occasional dishes- you probably have a dishwasher. So why are you manually vacuuming your floors? Manually cleaning the largest surface in your home. You don’t have to do that anymore. Let your Neato Botvac Connected do that for you!

Just look at all the feature and benefits to Neato:

·    LaserSmart Navigation/Intelligent, methodical mapping

·   D-Shape, Corner Clever, with side Brush

·    Two extra wide brushes.

·    Wi-Fi Connectivity with app. I control my Neato from anywhere, anytime!

·    Spin Flow Power Clean

·    Two cleaning modes

·    Scheduled Cleanings

·    Neato maneuvers easily

·    Boundary Tape

·    Spot Clean –  7×7 area   I LOVE the spot clean feature!! You probably have a few areas in your home that always seem to get really dirty with debris. For me – the kitchen, outside of the bunny cage, under my bed. Cleaning under my bed used to be such a project! We had to lift the mattress off the bedframe – shocking – no other words – with the amount of dust that would be underneath. YOU are sleeping over this dust! OMG! No more! Not with Neato cleaning for you!

·    Lithium-ion Battery  

·    Auto Charge & Resume

After your floors have been vacuumed by Neato, you can quickly pass over with the Sienna Luna Micro Pulse Steam Mop with UV Light!
Sienna Luna steam cleaner makes the job go faster and easier. I like that! #CleanStart also means ridding my home of chemicals – or at least starting to. Now I clean/polish my floors with the power of steam! Chemical free cleaning. Zero residue of the floor! Ground in dirt is no problem with three levels of micro pulse cleaning that let you dust, mop and scrub all types of sealed floors. There’s also a dust sensor that highlights areas that need cleaning or that you might have missed. You have plenty to do around the house, let the Sienna Luna steam mop give you more time!

Just some of the features include :

·    Micro Pulse vibration technology – Breaks up dirt and grime with more than 90 vibrations per second

·    Dirt sensor technology – Black UV light highlights areas that need cleaning or may have been missed for a thorough clean, Illuminates dirt for easier visibility

·    Three levels of adjustable steam with LED light indicator – Indicates steam level selected by colors: Dust (Orange), Mop (Green) and Scrub (Green)

I told you this was a #CleanStart! Easier/Faster/Smarter!

Love, Your Home BFF!


December 11, 2016

All Things Holiday – Tips To Deck Your Halls, Decorating & Entertaining

The Holidays are here and it’s time to get your home ready! As Your Home BFF, I will share some of my decorating and entertaining tips with you in this loaded blog post. Be prepared – I will share tons of photos as I believe a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Before we get to pics, here are some of my tips:

  • if you don’t know by now, I love vignettes – grouping decorative items together – mix mercury glass orbs, trees, angels, reindeer, etc.
  • don’t like the color of an item? use spray paint to change the color. You will see I adore white/silver
  • use items in your home you already own in addition to new. I look for ribbon, baubles, beads, stones
  • think about colors that move you – for me, can you tell it’s cerulean, navy, sage, turquoise, silver, white
  • use mirrored chargers/an old mirror with frame removed – mirrored bases add light
  • stay organized, use lists/apps
  • create a designated are in your home for gifts, wrapping, storing wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, etc. A mobile crafting station is ideal
  • set up dinner table or buffet table a day or two in advance of the party or event in your home
  • feel free and never feel guilty about ordering food in advance. I love to cook, but not for Thanksgiving or Christmas- just too overwhelming for me. I order from my local markets or deli
  • incorporate fresh greenery and flowers, even tree clippings into your décor
  • try laser lights for outdoor décor. you will save so much time in the set up and take down – not to mention ease of storage
  • micro led string lights are an amazing and easy way to add magic, light, sparkle and dazzle to your home
  • add pine/cinnamon/cranberry/orange essential oil to your essential oil diffusers – scents are a very important part of your décor

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!     Love, Your Home BFF, Alexandra

December 1, 2016

Fifty Feeling Nineteen! Want To Know The Secret?

People ask me all the time, “How do you maintain the schedule you have with HSN? How do you wake up at 2:30 am, drive to St. Pete 3:00 am to 6:00 am, do your shows, maintain recall and word tracking for a variety of products, and still function as wife and mommy?” Great questions! In the past, my answer was that I have been blessed with the necessary intestinal fortitude and an ability to effortlessly fulfill my duties because I truly feel I was born to do my work with HSN. However, there is a secret I would like to share with you. My age may be 49.5 (50th Birthday celebration plans are already underway for June 2017!), but 99% of the time I feel 19! Yes! You read correctly! I feel 19 years old in terms of energy, vigor, and clarity of thought. And the secret is in addition to organic fruit/veggie juicing, supplements and working out 3 days a week on my Pilates reformer, I do Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy [BHRT]. Why? Though there are many reasons, my responsibilities require an optimal Alexandra Baker. Not an Alexandra who feels “fine” or “OK”. Wouldn’t you like to be the OPTIMAL version of you?

I’m certain you have heard about BHRT, but have you ever considered this protocol for yourself? There are many misnomers regarding this therapy and it should not be confused with HRT of the past. I would encourage you to speak with your Physician, and, ideally, an MD or DO who has chosen to specialize in anti-aging/functional medicine/BHRT. But without question, I do not know if I could do ALL that I am required to do without BHRT. I am going to share with you what I take and what works for me. This may or may not be for you. But so many people ask me and I want to shout from the mountain tops and almost feel obligated to share with all women the importance of this part of their health and wellness regimens. Plus, there is a plethora of research regarding the cardioprotective aspects and other benefits of this therapy.

Understand there can be negative outcomes as well and it’s important to stay on top of your annual pap testing and eval with your GYNO. My mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor, so I am on a six-month interval exam of my breasts- mamo/ultrasound of breasts, then six months later, breast MRI with IV contrast, then six months later, mamo/ultrasound again and so on. I also have my annual physical exam with my Internal Medicine/Primary Care Physician and share all labs from all my doctors with each doctor. I stay on top of my health! Who else is going to do that for you? I have no choice. I not only want to live, I want to thrive. I am an older mom to a young child. I am a wife and want to be the very best wife to my husband as I can be.  As a Christian woman, I deeply desire to not only be a Proverbs 31 woman of excellence but a woman of excellence in EVERY area of my life (Connie Miller – thank you for sharing that Beth Moore reminded us all to be a woman of excellence in every are of our lives). How on God’s green earth can you do that if you are not operating from your optimal personal best?  I sincerely believe the quality of life, marriages and more are saved by you being at your best – physically and mentally.

Remember how crummy your mom felt around age 48 as she entered perimenopause and then menopause? She was edgy or short-tempered, sluggish, sometimes incredibly tired, forgetful with absolutely no interest in romance? Wait a minute, you say it started at age 43/45ish? Hold on, this is you or sounds like you? It was me for sure, and worse yet, I was starting to experience the severe symptoms of perimenopause – sharp nerve tingling in my legs and feet, joint pain in my hips, hot and cold night sweats, a feeling of coming down with the flu – feeling terrible for 12-20 hours, then it would pass and cycle back a month to six weeks later. Not only did I feel edgy, I felt like cracking skulls all the time! Can you relate? There was no way I was going to live like that!  Troy, my sweet and very patient husband, told me there was no way he and Sofia, our daughter, were going to live with me acting and feeling that way! Ouch! That hurt – really hurt the day he said I better go see a Doctor! So I did!

Over a year ago, I scheduled an appointment with a well-known and highly sought-after Bioidentical Hormone Doctor, Val Manocchio, M.D in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Visit his website for in-depth information regarding this important topic at  http://www.fortlauderdalebioidenticalhormones.com/   After a consultation, Dr. Val ordered bloodwork to see my hormone levels. He also ordered blood tests for my thyroid and other vital markers that functional medicine doctors look at that many primary physicians do not drill down to. I think of Dr. Val as my bridge between my Internist and my OBGYN.  As it turns out, my hormones were in the toilet. My testosterone was 0.07 – yikes! Beyond low! He suggested a testosterone pellet, an estrogen pellet (both inserted transdermally via a tiny incision in my tushi) and a nightly dose of progesterone. He also advised that I take a daily dose of T3/T4 hormone for my thyroid, a thyroid support supplement, in addition, increasing my daily intake of vitamin d3. I also take many other supplements. He told me I would feel 19! Weeks later, I did, and still do!

Don’t only take my word for it. Do your homework. Do the research and investigate BHRT for yourself. Ladies (and gentlemen), there is simply no reason to suffer if you are suffering. Make it a priority to gift —it’s a gift you have to purchase as most insurance does not cover –gift yourself the gift of BHRT this Holiday Season. An Optimal You is the very best gift you can give your family this year!

Below is a gallery of photos of my kitchen for the last three years! See if you can incorporate some of these healthy tips into your lifestyle!
Below the gallery you will see two videos on how I use my juicer.
To your health! Love, Your Home BFF, Alexandra


October 24, 2016

Spooky Sparkly Halloween

Are you looking for quick and easy tips for decorating your home for Halloween?
Below, I have shared what I do. Have fun & Happy Spooky Sparkly Halloween!

Click here for a selection of HSN’s Exclusive line of Winter Lane Decor



June 4, 2016

Flatware/Silverware. Never Plastic!

Ask yourself the following questions: How would you feel if your mom/mother-in-law/sister-in-law, etc., came over and opened your flatware/silverware drawer?  Does your husband find what he needs without rummaging through the tray? Are your forced to use plastic utensils when you entertain because you cannot locate a set for eight of dinner forks and knives? Do you have a complete set? Did you inherit your mom’s silver? Oh, You may be wondering…to say flatware or silverware? I learned it depends on which region of the country you are from. In the South, we say silverware, even when we are talking about our stainless steel. Also, it truly depends on the composition of materials used. Silverware truly implies sterling silver. Also, silverware may refer to household silver including tableware, cutlery, even candlesticks.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share the Kathy Ireland Home by Gorham flatware collection on HSN.  I was thrilled to remind viewers and customers the importance of having a complete set of flatware for their family and friends. However, though I’m blessed to have inherited mom’s silver and use it regularly when I host dinners or parties, I had to admit that my own flatware drawer was a sad compilation of mismatched pieces. A few remaining pieces from my wedding set. A few from my first apartment. Even found some silver, in desperate need of polishing,  that somehow landed in the drawer. I never had enough serving pieces. Just look at the pile! So, we ordered 101 piece set, which included everything I needed!

Keep in mind – even with the relaxed entertaining mode we are in, it’s nice to offer real flatware to your family and friends while hosting dinner in your home. Plus, save time and money while simplifying your prep time.  No more running across town to purchase plastic utensils from the party stores! If you already have a lovely set of flatware you adore, bring home an additional set for daily use. Create your own style and feel free to blend your new collection with your existing set. You and your family deserve to have a gleaming, lovely set to use daily. Your husband will love seeing the neatly organized drawer. Make every meal special, or as you enjoy your cup of coffee or a bowl of ice cream. Guests will love it too!

Remember, no more plastic forks and knives! Simply refreshing your flatware will help you live an effortless, elegant and elevated lifestyle. Love, Your Home BFF!


This was the mountain of mismatched flatware in my drawer when I knew it was time for a refresh.


Presenting on HSN


I'm proud to see the gleaming set of flatwarein my drawer!

WOW! Look at this breathtaking collection! A treat each and everyday!



May 14, 2016

Sofia’s Super Sweet Summer Slumber Party

Did you love slumber parties as a child? Seems like sleepovers are quite common today, though as a young girl, I think I attended only a few. It don’t recall them being as popular as they are today.  I find sleepovers and slumber parties of late to be a regular occurrence, and Sofia has attended several and has hosted many.

If you are getting to understand the philosophy of Home with Alexandra, you know I’m all about celebration. Can you imagine how I executed Sofia’s first slumber party four years ago? Take a look. It was July 2012. I think it’s time for another during Summer 2016!


May 1, 2016

Enchanted Daddy Daughter Dance

When it comes to living a lovely life, I’m a huge believer in celebrating life. “Celebrate everything!”, and “Make it a big deal!” is what I like to say. You already know life is moving at warp speed, and the importance of stopping to smell the roses. That said, you’ll understand why I chose to make such a big deal about my daughter’s recent Daddy Daughter Dance.

This was Sofia’s third year attending the annual event held at her school. This year’s theme was Cinderella’s Enchanted Garden, and what an enchanted evening and experience it was. From selecting her dress, shoes and accessories – shopping with both of her grandmas weeks in advance, to having her hair professionally blown-out, we were in full blown prep mode for quite a while. Why? Because it’s a big deal! Because we want to celebrate all the magical moments of life. Because any event in your children’s life/your life can be a magical moment where memories are being made. Just slow down and really think about how you can make it fun as you maximize the moment.  Invite family, have a little pre-event party, decorate-yes, decorate! It’s easy! Read on because I’ve shared with you how to make it simple to execute effortlessly. Love, Your Home BFF!

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